Museum of Nature Olten

What began in 1872 with an empty classroom, 300 Swiss Francs of start-up aid from the city and donated specimens for a Science Collection has become an important institution of the city of Olten - the Museum of Nature. The three-dimensionally preserved crane of an Ichthyosaurus from Hauenstein and the remains of a mammoth found near the Olten train station are but two highlights of the exhibition of natural history located on the ground floor. The first and second floor feature domestic animals such as the Wolf of Hägendorf shot in 1990, which became a media celebrity around the country. Other attractions include live stick insects with their leaf-like bodies, the Bremen Town Musicians, vitrines about the preparation of mammals and birds and the museum cinema.

The Museum of Nature Olten complements its permanent exhibition program with special exhibitions, courses, talks, excursions and a number of children's events.

Wichtige Information

Neueröffung voraussichtlich
im Herbst 2019

Das Museum im Fernsehen
Februar 2017
für langjähriges Engagement